Don’t Try This At Home

I am not a financial consultant and Madeline Carter is a fictional character. Basing financial decisions on anything you experience in the pages of one of my books is a seriously bad idea.

I love getting mail from readers and most of it is just wonderful. Occasionally, however, I get something that concerns me. I’ve gotten a few, for instance, from readers who have found the Madeline Carter books so inspirational, the letter writers have opened online trading accounts in the hopes of making great whacks of cash in the stock market.

While taking your financial life into your own hands is never a bad idea, and while online trading can be intensely interesting and lots of fun, I would hope that you equip yourself with more than a Madeline Carter novel before you actually make any trades. There are lots of good books about the stock market. (But do get something from the non-fiction section!) There’s lots of reading you can do online, too. (Try a plain old Google search on just the word “stock” and get ready for an overwhelming number of options.) But be prepared to learn a lot before you begin. And not from a novel.

If the companies mentioned in any of the Madeline Carter novels seem real to you, I’m very flattered, but they are not. If any of them resemble a real company that you know about it is, I assure you, a coincidence. While Madeline sometimes wears designer labels and drives cars made by real world auto manufacturers and occasionally eats at restaurants that actually exist, I’ve taken care that the publicly traded companies Madeline interacts with do not.

Likewise, while there is such a thing a day trader, it’s a precarious way to make money, let alone a living. Madeline sometimes makes it look easy but she’s an expert and, again, fictional. James Bond always made beating up evil spies look easy, but you wouldn’t want to try that at home either.


Graham said…
My favorite day trading quote: "It's just like eBay, but instead of filling your house with crap, it empties it out."

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