From the Useless Facts Department

Did you ever wonder when you would turn 20,000 days old? To be honest, neither have I but now I don’t ever have to. Wonder that is. (Hopefully at some point I will get that ol’ 20,000 day watershed.) And neither do you. (Ditto on all the old wonder stuff.) is chockfull of other stuff, too. Some of it useless, some of it not so useless, a lot of it pretty fascinating.


Bernita said…
Hideous when put in terms of a 20,000 best-before date.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. Gracious of you.
I was seriously titivated as well as awed, I don't mind admitting.
Sandra Ruttan said…
My closest upcoming date is:
20,000,000 minutes later: Thursday, June 11, 2009 at 9:03:11 AM

Can't wait.
Hey guys: thanks for the comments! As you'll read in my latest note (the snowy one), between galivanting and power failures, I've been neglecting this blog fearfully. Hopefully the weather will cooperate and I'll be able to actually be at my own blog. And perhaps both of yours, as well. (Like I said, I really can not believe it's just been a few months since we were worried about forest fires. And now here we are, engulfed in frozen water. It makes the head spin.)

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