Geek Girl Strikes. Again.

Regular readers of this blog will have figured out by now that, despite appearances to the contrary, I’m a bit of a geek girl at heart.

Take server logs, for instance. I’m almost freakishly interested in how people find me on the Web. What odd thing they might have to search on in order to find me when they’re looking for something else. (On the other hand, if you’re actually looking for me, I’m pretty easy to find.)

So yesterday, I noticed that someone found my personal Web site by searching on “The ‘calculated’ loss-of-coolant accident.” And if you’re saying, “Huh? What?” Imagine how the poor people actually searching for information on accidents and safety in nuclear reactors must feel when they find me. (The author of a book called Calculated Loss which has exactly nothing to do with nuclear reactors. In fact, I don’t think it even offers a single inclusion of the word “nuclear.”)

So, if you’re looking for that calculated loss (the coolant accident kind), here’s the skinny. If you were looking for me... well... here I am.


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