Back From Beyond... Again

I live in a part of Southern British Columbia where it seldom snows. Maybe -- if we’re lucky -- we get a single snowfall. We’re happy when it comes. It covers everything in magical white and kids scurry out of their houses to make snow people before everything melts and, inevitably and within a few days, it always does.

That’s what’s making our current weather situation so weird. It started last Friday and it snowed and snowed and snowed. It’s not snowing now, but it’s on the ground, everywhere you look. And deep by our standards. Knee-deep. And wreaking havoc with our systems. The electricity has been working more than not, but we’ve stopped bothering to set the clocks when the power comes back on because we know it’ll probably only be a few hours or maybe a day before we lose it again. And we lost telephones, and with it Internet service, on Wednesday and didn’t get it back until Friday. The roads here are clear, but our driveway is very, very long and our car is in the middle of it. If it stays warmish, the snow might melt enough that we might be able to get the car out tomorrow. I hope so. We’ll be needing milk for our lattes by then!

You can tell, though, that when my biggest concerns are for my connection to the Internet and materials for hot espresso drinks, we’re doing just fine. If I go all quiet for a few days again, you’ll know that we’re snug and sound in our house. The wood stove will be blazing and we’ll be making our tea (not espresso!) and dinners out on the deck on the barbecue. Thanks for all your notes of concern and offers to come and stay at various houses. It’s all so, so appreciated. I’ll answer you individually soonest, but I wanted to blast this note off and get it to Blogger before I lose contact again!

And the photo: I took that today on our walk. It’s David, Jett and Kai in our winter wonderland, taken less than 100 yards from where the forest fire blazed last summer. Bizarre!


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