Bubbling Up... Again!

Over at the Murderati group blog, Elaine Flinn (Deadly Collection) has been looking over her first year of bubble interviews with peeks back at her zany run-ins with various crime fiction authors.

“...Now that the end of the year is at hand,” Flinn wrote of the first entry, last Saturday, “I thought it would be a good idea to recap some of my interviews--take a look at some of their answers--see if I can glean that little slip of the tongue that will connect all the dots. It’s not a job for the faint of heart--but it’s what I do. You can lay money on it. And then some.”

Flinn promises (err ... threatens?) to keep hitting highlights with her 2006 interview subjects throughout December. Today’s batch of recaps include John Hart (The King of Lies), M.J. Rose (The Venus Fix), Chassie West (Killer Chameleon), Gregg Hurwitz (One Last Shot). And me.

Today’s bubblicious entry is here.


Elaine Flinn said…
And just wait until next year- the gloves are off. :)

Thanks for the great mention, Linda! And sorry for the goof (the repeated question!) Looks like I'll have to have you back again and do it right!
Sandra Ruttan said…
What I remember from your interview Linda, is that you had one of the funniest answers ever to a question.

But I've forgotten what the question was. See, good think Elaine's bringing it all back for us...
Oh no, Elaine! It's glove removal time. (Gulp!) I'll tread carefully. And, no apologies are necessary. Technology is like that. (Sometimes wonderful, sometimes vexing!)

Hey, Sandra! What a sweet thing to say. I remember you commenting on my reply to Elaine's question about having a Walter Mitty dream. And I said I didn't dream of Walter Mitty at all, especially since he was married, dead and fictional, or something very like that. The one I liked best had me dancing on my deck in a tutu... I can't remember what it was all in aid of, but it sounded very fun. I love Elaine's questions!

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