Greetings From Tech Hell

Looking back on the last two weeks, it seems like it’s been nothing but one huge whine about the high tech portions of my life. First, the weather here in the Pacific Northwest (or Pacific Southwest, depending on your perspective) has been the sort that inspires people to make a lot of jokes about ark building. When it hasn’t been raining, it’s been snowing and, in either case, the precipitation has been accompanied by great gusts of wind. As a result we’ve been literally powerless a lot of the time. No electricity makes it hard (impossible) to blog, let alone work. So I’ve been doing a lot of neither.

And then -- about this time last week -- things got worse when my beloved Mac iBook began making great whacking sounds. (Never a good sign.) The doctor initially determined it could be saved with a transplant (read that: new hard drive) but, once the surgery had been performed, it was discovered that the case was terminal and the poor wee beast that has served me so well needed to be put out of her misery: the new logic board that would have been required to save her, combined with the cost of the new hard drive and other necessary operations would have been more than the cost of a new MacBook.

So, fast forward to today, my first at home with my shiny new MacBook (complete with built-in video camera, with which I snapped the ridiculous photo at left) and -- of course -- the storm kicked up again and we spent most of the day without power. Plus, the MacBook doesn’t run a whack of the software I use in the course of my usual work day and -- viola -- the tech hell continues.

Now that I’m computing again, however, I should be able to update this blog more often. Barring, of course, future phone and power outages. I’ll keep you posted. I hope.


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