Lights Out on Page 69

Today on the Campaign for the American Reader blog, Jason Starr applies the Page 69 Test to his novel Lights Out:
Although the novel touches on some real issues such as alcoholism, father-son relationships, the struggle for survival in a tough neighborhood -- above all the book is a satire. I'm sending up these characters, having fun with them, and I think Jake's attitude here represents the attitude of the entire novel. Jake especially was a blast to write because I never knew what would come out of his mouth next.
It’s an interesting segment, and adds to the project’s growing collection of Page 69 Test applications. The list is getting too long to share easily, but includes Sean Chercover (Big City, Bad Blood), Chris Grabenstein (Slay Ride), Bill Crider (A Mammoth Murder), Duane Swierczynski (The Wheelman), Marcus Sakey (The Blade Itself), Libby Fischer Hellmann (A Shot To Die For), Elaine Flinn (Deadly Collection), Louise Welsh (The Bullet Trick), Gregg Hurwitz (Last Shot), Martha Powers (Death Angel) and many others, including me for Calculated Loss.

The Lights Out page 69 test
is here. Here’s the January Magazine review of Lights Out by David Thayer. The Calculated Loss page 69 test is here.


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