Astrologically Clueless

A few months ago in this space, I posted about the daily forecast that comes to me in e-mail from The forecast is brief, sometimes lame, sometimes silly, sometimes thought-provoking, but the price is right, so I don’t complain. I mean, how much on-target advice can you expect for free? Now, that said, the offering for January 3rd was too fun not to share:

Some people are just clueless -- how could someone not get how great, talented and wonderful you are? Just think of this as a challenge that will eventually get you somewhere better than your original goal.

As you can see, this one manages to be lame, silly and thought-provoking all at the same time. I’m a novelist, right? So, right out of the gate, some people are going to think I’m great, talented and wonderful just for showing up. And some... well, some just won’t. Not getting me doesn’t make them clueless, either. Like I always say, there are so many books in the world because there are so many readers. We need a lot of books so that everyone can find something to read. Not everyone likes War and Peace or The Little Book of Farts either.

As for getting somewhere better than my original goal, I can’t imagine that place. Again, I’m a novelist. This is the place I want to be.


Hey, that's not fair! You got mine!
That's the other thing about these forecasts: of all the people in the world, one of 12 must fit. (Kinda like Cinderella's glass shoes. Only different.)

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