Hey Dead Guy!

A big, fat welcome to the blogosphere to Hey, There’s A Dead Guy in the Livingroom, a new blog intending to talk about “mystery publishing from idea to bookshelf.”

They’ve brought together the right personalities to pull it off, too. Look for regular postings from editor and author Gordon Aalborg; author Jeff Cohen; publisher Bruce Bortz; reviewer and editor Sharon Wheeler; publicist PJ Nunn; bookshop owner Robin Agnew and editor Abby Zidle.

In the first post to the blog, Cohen wrote that the group is “aiming to give you a new perspective on mystery books -- in fact, we’ll give you seven (or eight, depending on how you count) new perspectives!”

We can all use new perspectives. I’ll be watching their progress closely.

The new blog is here.


Deni Dietz said…
Thanks for the Dead guy buzz. Actually, Gordon Aalborg is a sometime poster and Denise Dietz a full-time poster. You see, Gordon's wife made him participate - grin.

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