More Dead Guys in People’s Livingrooms

The other day, when I mentioned the new blog called Hey, There’s A Dead Guy In the Livingroom, I managed to mangle some of the facts enough that I need to correct them.

Denise Dietz was the one who told me about the new blog -- and the fact that she would be a part of it yet I somehow managed to complete not mention her. Sorry Denise: I’m a dope. For the record, Denise is an amazing novelist and her books manage to be very, very fun (how could they not be with titles like Chain A Lambchop to the Bed and Footprints in the Butter?) as well as curvaceously plotted and engaging, besides.

Also, Denise points out that Gordon Aalborg won’t be playing at the blog regularly, but will instead be making only occasional guest star appearances.

Still, my own boo-boos aside, Hey There’s A Dead Guy In the Livingroom is shaping up to be tres interesting... and even gets Edward Champion’s vote for “coolest new litblog title.” You can’t dance.


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