Quote of the Week: June Callwood

OK: it hasn’t even been a week. And I don’t post one, like, every single week, but this is a good quote and it’s fresh and I wanted to share it now.

Last night in Toronto, when she was given the Writers’ Trust Award for Distinguished Contribution, author, journalist, activist and incredibly cool Canadian, 82-year-old June Callwood said:

If any of you happens to see an injustice, you are no longer a spectator, you are a participant. And you have an obligation to do something.

Now honestly, if some people said such a thing, you might shrug and say, “People say such things.” But from Callwood, it sounds at least a bit like a call to action.

(And, just in case you can’t tell, Callwood remains one of the people I would most aspire to be like when I grow up.)

The Toronto Star has a full piece on the awards here.


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