Quote of the Week: Paul Auster

There Are Days I Feel Like This. How about you?

“I have spent my life in conversations with people I have never seen, with people I will never know, and I hope to continue until the day I stop breathing.” -- Paul Auster


Anonymous said…
Hi Linda,
Great quote. I can't wait for your next book Blue Murder. I'm glad that Sarah Weinman mentioned this on her blog already.
Gary Carson said…
Auster's clearly a wack job. He walks around talking to himself and carrying on conversations with his imaginary friends. Personally, I don't talk to myself because I already know what I'm going to say and I have a low tolerance for bad language and stupidity. On the other hand, I DO spend a lot of time blathering into a digital voice recorder--does that count?--and I'm posting this gibberish on a strange blog, so I guess that could be considered "carrying on a coversation with people I have never seen." On a related note, Auster wrote an entire book about his typewriter, an Olympia SM9, I believe, and I use the exact same typewriter--the best manual ever produced, by the way. That has to mean something, but I'm not sure this post does. That's the way it goes.

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