Speak, Chandler

This is so exciting: Raymond Chandler speaks! From an item by J. Kingston Pierce in The Rap Sheet:

Wow! I’ve never heard the voice of Raymond Chandler before. But thanks to a lead from San Francisco novelist Mark Coggins (Candy from Strangers), I just got through listening to a remarkable BBC Radio interview with Chandler taped almost a half-century ago, on July 10, 1958. The talk took place shortly after the publication of Chandler’s last completed novel, Playback, and it found the creator of Los Angeles gumshoe Philip Marlowe talking with another now-famous writer, Ian Fleming, the “father” of British super-spy James Bond, whose first novel, Casino Royale, Chandler had liked and whose subsequent works he’d been known to review.

The whole Rap Sheet item is here.


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