Starbucks Changed My Life

When I read this item on GalleyCat Tuesday, it pretty much cracked me up:

Josh Getlin at the LA Times follows former child soldier Ishmael Beah around as he signs books in Manhattan, the author's profile growing in leaps and bounds ever since Starbucks made his memoir A LONG WAY GONE its second book choice.

Well, OK: the piece didn’t crack me up -- it’s a straight up look at how 26-year-old Beah is holding up under the pressure of being Starbucks’ poster author du jour. But Galleycat’s headline -- “Yes, Starbucks Has Changed Ishmael Beah’s Life” -- made me laugh, because it resonated with me in a way that couldn’t have been intended.

You see, Starbucks changed my life, as well. At least, I can’t imagine that they have not. Before Starbucks entered my life in the early 1990s, I was a die-hard tea and Diet Coke drinker. And I still insist on tea first thing in the morning (though I’ve not touched a Diet Coke in a decade). But for the middle of the day and in the early evening, nothing -- but nothing -- puts it together for me like a latte. A tall one, please.

When David and I pulled up stakes and left the city for our island back in 2003, one of the hardships we knew we’d have to endure was life without Starbucks. We resolved this by purchasing a kick-ass espresso maker from Starbucks and the brew that this machine produces has punctuated our lives for the last almost four years.

So how has Starbucks changed my life? Well, certainly in different ways than it has Beah’s, but in significant ones, nonetheless. Important ones. Ones that I wouldn’t change.

A Starbucks tour would be OK too, though. The whole author du jour, thing would be just fine. As long as they kept me in lattes.


Anonymous said…
Google brought me here. It was not what I intended to find. The best things are often like that. I've now already ordered your newest book. I can tell you're a terrific writer! Keep up the great work.

Sunny Allen in Great Neck

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