Superdude Foiled Again

From the getouttatown department:

Kryptonite is no longer the stuff of comic books and Superman movies -- it really exists.

A newly-discovered mineral has been found to contain exactly the same elements as the large green crystals that rob the superhero of his powers.

Think of the repercussions, the long term effects. The mind boggles. It reels.

If every anti-hero on the planet can walk around with newly mined krytponite in his pocket, what will it mean to the man in red, yellow and blue tights? How will Superman’s powers be compromised? And, perhaps more important, what will it mean for Smallville in season seven?

Unlike fictional kryptonite, the real thing at London’s Natural History Museum is white and powdery, emits no radiation, and comes from Serbia rather than outer space.

But scientists who analysed the find were astonished to discover that its chemical composition matched a description of kryptonite in the film Superman Returns.

There’s a lesson here, and it goes like this: the truth is often -- weirdly, astonishingly -- stranger than fiction. It keeps us humble. It keeps us in line. No matter what we make up, there’s something out there even more bizarre. And there’s nothing -- no matter how hard we try -- there’s nothing new under the sun. Even kryptonite. Fer cryin’ out loud.


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