Lil’ Red Trolleys ‘R’ Us

During our last two moves, my partner -- arms loaded with heavy boxen -- has said, “No more books! Don’t let me buy another book. Ever.”

On our very last move four years ago, David calculated we moved a ton -- and not a metric one -- of books. Two thousand pounds of ‘em ... and he ruptured three discs in the process.

It probably goes without saying that in the nearly half decade since, we’ve not stopped collecting. I wouldn’t even be surprised to hear we were up to a ton and a half. (Though I say it quietly. David doesn’t like to hear such things.)

So when the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported that the Albury Library had moved 52,000 books, my heart gave a funny kind of pitter patter. I’m nowhere near Australia and even if I was, I’d be sure to give that library a wide berth until the new Albury Library Museum

“We have got hundreds of little red trolleys with books on them and basically we remove the books from the same part of the old library and put them in the new library in the same sort of order,” says Jim McCann, Albury City’s team leader for cultural operations. “It’s not a case of randomly picking up all the books, but doing it in a way so we know exactly where they come from and where they are going to.”

OK: I’ve got that. And, just in case we move again, I’m taking notes. Anyone know how to get hold of Lil’ Red Trolleys ‘R’ Us?


Mark Thwaite said…
If you find those trolley folk, do let me know!

I have just turned my cellar into a library. I've already filled it. And the books keep piling in.

I cull, I cull. But more come ... I find it enlivening and enervating in equal measure.

I can never move ever!

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