A Mojito for your Thoughts

A few months ago, a friend brought a bottle of rum back for us from a trip to Cuba. While the gesture was appreciated, David and I are so not rum drinkers. Like... so. Said bottle has been sitting around, gathering dust while we eyed it suspiciously and contemplated what's what with what.

Yesterday, having determined that our mint patch was in full production, I got the bright idea to make mojitos. The only thing stopping me was the fact that, you know, I’d never actually done that before. Never mind, though: in a world that has Google in it, not actually knowing how to do something need not be a deterrent. After a quick consultation, I was armed with a recipe and well on my way.

I didn’t actually use a single recipe but kit-crashed several, as is my habit with whatever foodlike substance I’m learning to build. Here’s what my mojito looks like:

2.5 ounces rum
8 - 12 sprigs fresh mint
3 tablespoons simple syrup or sugar
juice of one half lime
sparkling water

Grab four or six sprigs of fresh mint and muddle it in a tall glass. (Note: I don’t actually have a muddler, so I tossed a teaspoon of granulated sugar onto the mint to use as an abrasive and mashed things up pretty well with a spoon.)

Add rum, simple syrup and lime juice. Stir. Add ice, fill with fizzy water, garnish with the balance of the mint, grab your book, a shady tree and enjoy.

Another note: To make more than one mojito, this seemed like a lot of work. Next time we’ll probably wait for a crowd, start earlier in the day and make ‘em by the pitcher.

And still another note: On the way to finding mojito recipes, I encountered Mojito, New Jersey. I’m not making this up (although I’m also not giving you the full story). It’s here.


Anonymous said…
sounds delicious. Your blog is pretty cool. Keep the posts coming!
My nextdoor neighbor has been working on Mojito recipes all summer. He's been adding Rose's lime juice, as well as the fresh lime, and it's stunning.
Anonymous said…
The Wall Street Journal led me here so I'm pretty sure I'd better try your mojito recipe. I mean if it wasn't the best, why the link?
Bernita said…
"so not rum drinkers"
Two words. Bacardi cocktails.
So lovly, so lethal.

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