Moronically Skinny and Goonishly Pouting

OK, so Posh and Becks are now livin’ large in L.A.

If those 11 words hold no meaning for you, please read no further. I wouldn’t want to be the one who robbed you of your purity.

If you do know who and what that means, check this delicious quote from a piece in Hecklerspray called “David & Victoria Beckham Gawped At By Celebrities:”:

The average American in the street might not be able to tell David and Victoria Beckham apart from any of the other moronically skinny, goonishly pouting, spectacularly self-obsessed LA celebrities, but at least the celebrities themselves can.

The piece is about a party at MOCA last Sunday hosted by Will Smith and Tom Cruise (when did they get to be a couple?). Hecklerspray was deliciously catty:

Eva Longoria, Bruce Willis, Jim Carrey, Wesley Snipes and Matthew Perry were among the guests who attended the effortlessly classy welcome party for the Beckhams surrounded by important works of postwar feminist art that at once question the nature of art while probing the emotional repercussions of art for art’s sake.

Don’t worry, we expect that someone was there to make balloon animals for David Beckham so he didn’t feel left out.

I don’t know why I repeat this stuff. Yes I do: it makes me laugh. There are so many levels of silliness in this piece, it’s like messing with an onion. Except it doesn’t make you cry.


JT Ellison said…
Linda, thanks for the laugh...

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