My Baby’s Baby

Last weekend I was delighted to see my offspring, the actor Michael Karl Richards, perform in Snakebit at The Shop in Vancouver, a gallery and performance space he’s played a large part in developing. (You could say it’s my baby’s baby.) Mike has been getting a lot of ink, both for his performance and for the whole Shop concept, which is just really innovative.

Today I found this mention of the play on the Web along with the photo reproduced here. (Forgive a proud mom.) That’s him in a scene from the play with Tara Wilson as Jenifer.

I can not begin to tell you what it means to be standing here watching at this point in my son’s life. How did I get this lucky? He’s brilliant, healthy, gorgeous, talented and has a vision so strong and sure, it inspires everyone he touches.

Oh and, yes: he’s a reader. I’m proud of that, too.


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