Best Served at Room Temperature

I’m down with this:

Sometimes revenge is the best revenge.

Simon is the author of the Theda Krakow mysteries as well as several award-winning works of non-fiction. And she’s a cat person, so she knows about revenge.


Clea Simon said…
Ha! Thanks, Linda. Now I'll have to use that line in a book.

Thanks for posting on my blog, as well. Don't know if I ever told you this story, which I swear is true.

When I was first setting out to "be a writer," that is, to try for freelance assignments, submit stories, whatever, I wanted to be professional, so I made up two file folders. One said, "Rejections." The other: "Exceptions."

No, it wasn't conscious. The subconscious has more of a sense of irony than know.
I know about it, Clea: the sense of irony we don't even always realize. (Well... those of us who think irony is delicious, anyway.)

Sometimes I'll read my stuff and I'll come across a pair of ironic lines -- one supporting the other -- that I have absolutely no recollection of forming. And I'll laugh, but I almost don't want to take credit for it, you know? It's like someone else writes my very best, most subtle stuff. Some gremlin -- or perhaps it's an elf -- that slips into my office and mucks about with my prose.

But I like "exceptions," Clea. You should let that one be known. It could catch on.
Clea Simon said…
Am now reading (and very much enjoying) the new Jeff Lindsay, "Dexter in the Dark," so have begun thinking of my internal ironist as my "dark passenger." Only not quite as effective as Dexter's. Or affective? Hmmm...

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