The Stars Converge

Astrology buffs would probably say it’s got something to do with the convergence of the stars on this day, but it appears that September 15th is a rockin’ good birthday for those with literary aspirations.

According to The Writer’s Almanac, September 15th is a big day in the world of literary birthdays. Writers born on this day include Robert Benchley, James Fenimore Cooper, Dame Agatha Christie, Robert McCloskey and François VI, duke de La Rochefoucauld.

Go Virgo!


Sandra Ruttan said…
Today is my mother's birthday. Doesn't really help me much.

It's also Prince Harry's birthday. Can't imagine him writing books, though.
I dunno, Sandra: your mother's birthday helps a lot. Arguably, without it, you wouldn't have one and -- ergo -- wouldn't be a writer.

And Harry... ah, Harry may have a book in him yet. Just give him a decade or so to get a bit rougher around the edges.

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