Walla Walla Suite by Anne Argula

Today, on January Magazine, my review of Walla Walla Suite by Anne Argula:
Our heroine is earthy. She has been cut loose by a longtime mate. She is an ex-cop from Spokane, Washington, who has recently become a P.I. And she is suffering though a menopause of otherworldly proportions: her hot flashes get to be like the atmospheric weather descriptions in other books. Actually, since Walla Walla Suite is set in Seattle, we of course get some conventional weather reports, as well. But this writer's prose is so lean and muscular, you never get tired of either kind. Quite the opposite, in fact. Argula has the gift, that classic noir gift, of describing things amply in just a few words. Argula evokes more with a shrug of the shoulders and a flick of the wrist than other writers call forth in whole chapters.

I liked the book a lot but was a little dismayed to discover author Argula’s true identity. Still, this is a stylish writer with a lot to say. The full review is here.


Clea Simon said…
Wonder what Ponicsan was doing between 1980 and 2005? Was it just those few screenplays or are there manuscripts in a drawer somewhere?
I dunno, but I gotta tell you: it's a great book.

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