January in November

I’ve been busy over at January today. Thus far I’ve written about the National Book Awards, Oprah’s selection of Ken Follett (what?) and The Love of Reading online book fair.

My reward for slogging through the book news? I now get to go and work on my novel in progress. Hurray! (And not a moment too soon. Ideas are spilling out.)


Caroline said…
Hmmm, my posts aren't showing up. I'll try again. I just discovered--and love your blog. I totally agree about Oprah. I think in her original bookclub she really discovered a lot of unsung and wonderful novelists and now she's gunshy and is going after the tried and true (and boring.)

And I love the cover of your new novel! So film noir!

Clea Simon said…
Follett? Well,he's safe. I mean, he doesn't claim to be writing anything but fiction. Look forward to the new issue.

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