Quote of the Week: L.R. “Bunny” Wright

“Well, the characters often give the impression of surprising you. Of course they don’t really. Your subconscious mind is brewing away all the time and doing all this stuff, but sometimes it does feel as though they’ve decided on their own to go about a certain kind of business.” -- L.R. “Bunny” Wright, author of the Karl Alberg mysteries.

From a 2000 January Magazine interview.


John McFetridge said…
Linda, that's a great interview. And what a strange co-incidence, I just read The Suspect over the weekend. Such a fantastic opening, and what an ending. In a way it is quite surprising it became a series.

Have you interviewed Lawrence Gough?
I haven't, though perhaps I should. Thanks for the suggestion.

And thanks for the comment on the interview.

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