Everybody Knows That He’s Somewhere

Today Declan Burke (The Big O) takes a swipe at John McFetridge (Dirty Sweet and the highly anticipated and upcoming Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere).

McFetridge is notoriously a man of few and carefully chosen words and he knows how to leave ‘em wanting more, so his responses are succinct. Asked, for instance, to describe his own writing, McFetridge says, “Sex. Violence. Profanity.” (Baby!)

And I love this one: Burke askes about McFetridge’s guilty reading pleasures, and our man on the spot replies, “I read all over the place and I don’t feel guilty about any of it.”

But riddle me this: how are we supposed to wait until July for Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere?


Hi Linda,

Here's something you can do while you're waiting:

I stopped by to tag you in a blogging meme. As you'll see from my blog, I did some tweaking of the meme and the rules to fit my own blogging practices. You are welcome to get creative, too!

Sandra Ruttan said…
The very nice thing about arcs and having a chance to read the book months ago. The down side is having to wait longer for the next one.
OK, so... Karen: have I been tagged? I don't think you *can* tag me, girl: we already link to each other! So, um... what about that? I'll play, though. You know me: I'll always play!

And Sandra: away with you and your braggin'!

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