The Garden Bubble Cam

I once heard about some yahoo who rigged up a contraption so you could shoot live game while watching the grisly outcome on a Web cam.

(You’d give him money for the privilege. It got shut down in a hurry.)

So, OK: this is just like that except only different. Instead of live animals, it’s plants. And instead of bullets, it’s bubbles.

I imagine if too many people get wind of it, it’ll be a giant bubbly mess and they’ll have to stop. Meanwhile it’s a lovely idea and -- what with all the bubbles and all -- it seems very... um... New Yearsish.

The Bubble Web cam is here. Give ’er.

(Hat tip to January’s own space cowboy, Stephen Miller.)


JD Rhoades said…
HAHAHAHAAAAA! That is awesome!

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