Going to the Cats

This blog space will be going to the cats tomorrow, December 15th. That’s the official publication date of Cries and Whiskers, the third installment in the acclaimed Theda Krakow mystery series. Publisher’s Weekly swooned:

In Simon’s energetic third Theda Krakow mystery (after 2006’s Cattery Row), freelance music journalist Theda delves into the seamy underside of the club scene and the radical side of animal rights. When Animals Now activist Gail Womynfriend is killed in a hit-and-run, Theda and her pet-sheltering punk rocker friend, Violet, take over Gail's efforts to save feral cats from the brutal Boston winter. The more they investigate the accident, the more they learn about tensions among Animals Now’s members, and Theda becomes uncomfortably suspicious of a friend. She’s also hunting a dangerous new designer drug making the rounds of music venues and wondering about its connection to an elusive group of musicians who want Theda's attention, but only on their own terms. When her beloved cat, Musetta, goes missing, Theda risks everything to get her back and solve all these mysteries once and for all. Readers will thrill to Theda’s engaging adventures in amateur sleuthing.

Simon is also the author of The Feline Mystique, reviewed for January Magazine many moons ago by David Abrams who raved. Simons always writes engagingly, charmingly and in a way that is provoking of thought. You can see that for yourself here on December 15th or, if you really can’t wait, Simon’s personal blog is here.


Clea Simon said…
Thanks, Linda! I'm fully aware that I'm a cat-oriented traditional (shall we say "cozy"?) writer on noir turf, and I appreciate the opportunity (even if I'm a little afraid). Can't wait to see how your readers react - and what you'll say when you premiere/guest blog your new book on my blog in January! (What an appropriate release month.)
I don't know about noir turf. Maybe loving good books turf? And yours certainly qualify.

And I have to admit: the January release month wasn't my idea, but neither was it an accident.

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