In the Name of Madness

No one does an interview up quite like Evil E. This time her target is Zoë Sharp (Second Shot). Here she’s grilled by David Montgomery, Ali Karim, Allison Brennan (Killing Fear), Louise Ure (The Fault Tree), Paul Guyot and Jason Starr (The Follower). And why the group grope-style interview? Probably because we can, darling. Because we can.

At one point, David Montgomery asks, “Is it true that you could snap Barry Eisler in half like a twig?” And Sharp responds... er... sharply:
What, with those sad lost puppy-dog eyes, how could you possibly want me to hurt poor Barry? Oh, David, shame on you! Actually, to me hand-to-hand is always a last resort. Running away is by far the best option.
I don’t think it’s much of a secret that Evil E is the weirdly non-commercial counterpart of novelist Elaine Flinn, whose most recent Molly Doyle mystery, Deadly Vintage, came out in September. OK: let me take that back. It’s possible it’s a big secret. And I suspect that, if it is, I might not live to tell about it, or something. Meanwhile, the Evil-Eenterview is here.


Evil E said…
Aieeee! My cover is blown!! I'm kidding, of course. But since I just adore you, Linda - you may feel free to move about the world in safety. Evil E will treat you kindly when you appear on her next offering.

'In the Name of Madness'?? Absolutely! Life is too short to take is so seriously. :)

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