J. Kingston Pierce Down at the Station. Punk.

It was fun to see my colleague, J. Kingston Pierce, on the business end of an interview over at Declan Burke’s (The Big O) Crime Always Pays blog.

Among the things Burke asks Pierce is for the pitch of the novel he’s working on. Pierce is a fantastic writer and though he’s working on his first novel, he is the author of thousands of articles and half a dozen non-fiction books. I found myself on the edge of my seat for his answer:
If I can use cinematic references rather than literary ones, I’d shorthand the story as THE UNFORGIVEN meets CHINATOWN, with a bit of the Burt Reynolds/Gene Hackman/Liza Minelli Prohibition romp LUCKY LADY thrown into the mix. I wish I could write faster, so I can read how it all turns out.

I wish he would write faster, too! That’s a book a lot of us are waiting to read.

The entire interview is engaging, and it’s here. (And if you’re reading this Pierce, stop it and get your butt back in that chair. That book isn’t going to write itself, you know!)


Gee, thanks for the encouragement, Richards!
John McFetridge said…
Yeah, anybody who references "Lucky Lady" is someone I want to read, too.

Does "Harry and Walter Go to New York" feature in there at all?

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