Quote of the Week: Christopher Hitchens

This is what I think: Christopher Hitchens (God Is Not Great, Why Orwell Matters) writes so deliciously, it would be possible to devote a whole blog to pithy Hitchenses: you could pass one along every day.

Even when he’s being contrarian (OK: that’s a lot of the time) he cracks you up. Well, he always cracks me up. If you disagreed with his positions, you might occasionally find him annoying. A lot of people do. Not to mention offensive. He probably even prides himself on that. But I love his style: alternately self-deprecating and arms akimbo. He shoots from the hip, but with uncanny wit and style and grace.

The following quote closes Hitchens’ column in the December issue of Vanity Fair. The makeover continues. But not without pain and some laffs. Very funny stuff.

So the quote:
“...I am more than ever sure that it’s enough to be born once, and to take one’s chance, and to grow old disgracefully.”


Clea Simon said…
A much more erudite rewording of the old saw, "life is not a rehearsal." So, ok, maybe I'll give him a chance. Thanks for posting.

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