Thanks, Cincinnati!

The audio book version of Death Was the Other Woman is featured this week at the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Web site. “The City of Angels (L.A.) is the place, the time is Prohibition era, and the sleuth is Kitty Pangborn, secretary to Dexter J. Theroux, the hardboiled, tough talking PI whose hard-hitting drinking has taken its toll.” And so on. I’m excited.

You can see it listed on the main page or on its own happy feature page here.

Meanwhile, I’m still at guest blogging at the Moments in Crime blog for the next few days. This is the blog created just over a month ago meant to feature St. Martin’s Minotaur authors, of which I am one.

Come by and say hello if you’ve a mind to. It’s been pretty quiet over there sometimes during Christmas week!


Clea Simon said…
I'm very excited about this book, Linda. I'm thrilled its getting such great advance word.
Thanks, Clea! It could be a couple of long weeks for me. But aren't we lucky, the brace of us? Too many adults don't get these blasts of anticipation that we get, waiting for our books to come out. For me it's like Christmas and I'm ten, every time.

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