Top 10 Animals You Didn’t Know Were Venomous

Top 10 animals you didn’t know were venomous.

No really.


Clea Simon said…
this is pretty great, Linda. But you know, it doesn't matter that the centipede is poisonous. If I ever saw one the size of the one in the photo, I'd keel over without ever touching it. I hate those things. hate 'em.

The slow loris, however, is adorable. And if I hadn't read your posting, I would be tempted to kiss its young, and then where would I be?
Mark said…
Actually, I read a book where Gila Monster venum was the murder weapon. It was injected with a needle.
Clea, geez: point taken. Giant centipedes? They don't have to be poison. I'll give them a wide berth any day. (The little ones are kinda interesting, though. Not that you'd want to hang out with one.)

And, Mark: Was that a Hiassen novel? I seem to remember a frozen gila monster in one of his books.

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