An Excerpt is Worth A Lot of Words

Actually, I guess an excerpt is full of a lot of words but, no matter: there are now a couple of excerpts of Death Was the Other Woman floating around the Web: one audio, one regular.

I just discovered that the publisher of the audio version of the book, Brilliance, has a posted a sort of cool podcast excerpt. If you follow that link and don’t see stuff about my book, click here for the audio only version.

And the excerpt of the print edition ran on January Magazine yesterday. You can read it here.

Launch week continues. Don’t expect the BSP to let up anytime soon. I’m having too much fun tracking this stuff down.


Anonymous said…
Hi Linda,
I just listened to the podcast excerpt. Wow, there's something about hearing your words being read that is just so damn cool! Plus the intro they did about you was amazing. Did I know you were THIS important? Congratulations!
Yeah, yeah: totally this important. You should see: I have to walk through doors sideways just to get through safely.

Seriously, it was surprisingly... surprising to hear the audio version for the very first time. It's a first-class production, too: like a little theatrical event... without images. Amazing. The first time I heard it, I burst into tears. It's just somehow so... I dunno... grown up having an audio book.
Ali Karim said…
Hi Linda -

Just started reading DEATH IS THE OTHER WOMAN and it transplanted me back to the streets Chandler walked -

Amazing and thank you and listening to it made me smile -

Hi Ali,

So glad to hear you're enjoying the book! Means a lot. Thank you.

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