If I’m Not Here, I’m There

I’m guestblogging today at Louise Penny’s personal blog (Still Life, The Cruelest Month). Come say hi if you’re so inclined. It looks like Louise and I are going for sandwiches. Come join us.

I’ll be guestblogging at Clea Simon’s lively Cats & Crime & Rock & Roll blog (Cries & Whiskers) on Tuesday. (Don’t worry: you won’t have to remember. I’ll remind you.) I’ll be introducing the concept of D-O-G but, fer cryin’ out loud, don’t tell Clea.

More such Web-based appearances are up coming as we move towards the publication date for Death Was the Other Woman this coming Tuesday.


Clea Simon said…
Too late, Linda! I know your secret!

I should have my buddy Vicki guest blog - she's a wolfhound fanatic. Has two dogs that both weigh more than she does. They're very gentle creatures, though.

(by the way, she's a nature writer - if you're into all sorts of animals, check out her books/articles at http://www.vickicroke.com )

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