My Cup Runneth All Over the Place

The press notice on Death Was the Other Woman continues to be really gratifying. We write alone. We write in private. So when we expose our books to the air, it’s lovely when people not only notice, they make a bit of noise.

Today in his “Crime Watch” column in The Chicago Tribune, Paul Goat Allen reviews Stark by Edward Bunker; The Black Lizard Big Book of Pulps edited by Otto Penzler; Blasphemy by Douglas Preston and Death Was the Other Woman. Here’s what he says, in part:
“…Richards’ spot-on portrayal of 1930s California -- the tumultuous social and political atmosphere, the fashions, the vernacular -- make this a must read for palookas, mooks and twists with enough spondulix to spare for some rip-roaring, hard-boiled literary escapism.”
The column is here.

A few days ago in The National Post, Nathalie Atkinson put together a feature that discussed how Canada’s “up-and-coming crime writers -- nearly all of them female -- have traded in gimmicks and gadgets for character-driven tension and sense of place, to great effect …. They remind us how satisfying old-fashioned crime writing and procedurals are, no DNA analysis required.”

Any party that puts me in the same room with fellow novelists Lou Allin, Louise Penny, Lyn Hamilton, Mary Jane Maffini and Anne Emery is one worth showing up for. Especially since Atkinson had some swell things to say about my new book (and she called me “up-and-coming” which feels like spring):
“In Death Was The Other Woman (St. Martin’s Minotaur, with a suitably pulp illustrated cover), Richards introduces the refreshing heroine Kitty Pangborn, a socialite turned investigator’s secretary who’s broad in the best possible sense, a cross between meddlesome Torchy Blaine and wordly Nora Charles. The girl Friday helps her hapless P.I. boss solve a murder in Prohibition-era Los Angeles.”
The piece is here.


paul lamb said…
Yep, I sure hope the pendulum is swinging away from the whole CSI/forensics fad and back to character stories.
Clea Simon said…
Praise well deserved!! Congrats, Linda.

(and I'm with you, Paul. Let's go back to books I want to read.)

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