The Pre-Launch Week Saga Continues

I warned you that this might happen.

The week before the book comes out and I’m really having fun – too much fun! – checking my e-mail right now. There’s been so much happy news. For instance, I got word of the Library Journal review yesterday. It was super good. Saying, among other things, that Death Was the Other Woman “is a great period piece with action aplenty and nostalgia-evoking characters.” Combined with Publishers Weekly calling the book a “winning hard-boiled 1931 whodunit with a twist” and Booklist saying the book honored “the noir tradition while turning it on its head,” I’m pretty much good to go.

More media mentions: ITW included a short piece on the book in their January newsletter, The New Books blog mentioned the book on the first and Bookbitch is giving away copies of both the audio book and the hardcover on her Web site.

With luck and a tail wind, I’ll be doing more bragging before I settle back down into real work. Thanks for your patience in these delicious new-book-out days.


Anonymous said…
Hi. Linda. Congratulations on “Death Was the Other Woman”. I am only on page 200 so far, but I am enjoying it tremendously. Thanks for this trip "back in time" and I hope there will be many more.

Ellen in Maryland
Hi Ellen,

Thanks so much for stopping by! It's super to hear from you: since the book isn't officially out yet -- though I guess it's available in some stores and libraries already -- it might not surprise you to hear you're the first reader I've heard from. I hope you enjoy the book all the way through!

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