Today’s the Day: Death Was the Other Woman

OK: honestly? The publication date of any book is a fairly arbitrary thing. And the fact is, in most cases, by the time the publication date rolls around, the book has already been in stores for a few days at least, online booksellers are already shipping it and so on. It only gets problematic when a book isn’t available by the publication date, since a lot of media and parties and stuff can be centered around the given date. But, fortunately (and while I touch wood) this has never happened to me.

Now all of that said, this day -- January 8th -- is the date Death Was the Other Woman was anointed with as a publication date and a lot of my own excitement has been focused on this date. Sometimes knowing better doesn’t help. Still, it’s fun to say: “today’s the day.”

And so here I am.

Regular readers of this blog know that I’ve already been going on about events related to my publication date. Still, of course, there’s more.

Today I’m guestblogging at Clea Simon’s blog, Cats & Crime & Rock & Roll. Clea is the author of Cries and Whiskers, the most recent of her very successful Theda Krakow mysteries. And on the publication date of that book last month, she guest blogged here on a topic so controversial, it invited more comments than any other ever on this blog.

So drop by and see me at Clea’s. My topic is not so controversial, but it will add to your knowledge of Kitty Pangborn’s world as well as perhaps (maybe slightly) to your knowledge of dogs.

A few days ago I guest blogged at Louise Penny’s blog. Louise is the author of The Cruelest Month and Still Life. You can still see that posting here.

And today, I submitted Death Was the Other Woman to the Page 69 test. The results of that are here and the proceedings are mentioned there.

If getting inside Kitty Pangborn’s world sounds like a fun thing to do, I guest blogged at Moments in Crime through Christmas week. Some of those postings fit the bill. You can see them archived here.

And around the time I was doing that, I blogged about guest blogging on The Rap Sheet.

I’m happy today. You can tell. Thanks for being here with me; for being part of it. Maybe later on, I’ll lift a glass of champagne. To Kitty. To David. To Peter Joseph, my wonderful editor at St, Martin’s Press/Thomas Dunne. And to you.


John McFetridge said…
Congratulations Linda!

My local Book City in Toronto won't have a copy till later this week, so I'll be getting it then. I'm really looking forward to it.

So, if you were casting a Kitty Pangborn movie in the 1930's, who would she be? What about today?
I'm pretty odd about the casting stuff. I've found that, with rare exceptions, the people I see in my head when I write aren't people I've seen in life.

So, OK: *not* Hilary Duff. And *not* Lindsey Lohan. And mebbe *not* Paris Hilton. But that leaves a lot of people who would be terrific!

(Yeah, I know: it doesn't narrow it down much, does it?)

Do you cast while you write? After? At all?

(Provocative question, John. I can see I'll have to go away and think about it.)
John McFetridge said…
Yeah, I cast when I write. Sometimes I even take a shortcut and describe a character as looking, "like Kevin Costner in that baseball movie with Susan Sarandon - not the one in Iowa."

Marshall has another blog about, "My book - the movie," dedicated to it, you might want to try that.

You know, it seems like it's easier to cast the 'classic' Kitty Pangborn, there are so many to chose from, Veronica Lake, Rosalind Russel, Myrna Loy, even Barbara Stanwyk or maybe Irene Dunne if there's comedy.

It's the modern casting that's tough, maybe Diane Lane...
Diane Lane? *Not* Paris Hilton?

Seriously, though, the people are so firmly who they are in my head, I don't see them as anyone else. That said, if someone wanted to do a movie, I'd be happy with whatever nuance they brought to the role.

I explained that on the "My Book -- the Movie" blog for Calculated Loss. I can never get links to work in comments, but I'll give it a shot. You can always cut and paste if you'd like to see it:

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