More Swelling

Paul Goat Allen’s Chicago Tribune review of Death Was the Other Woman shows up in Newsday today:
Richards' spot-on portrayal of 1930s California -- the tumultuous social and political atmosphere, the fashions, the vernacular -- make this a must read for palookas, mooks and twists with enough spondulix to spare for some rip-roaring, hard-boiled literary escapism.
The Newsday piece is here.

And Ali Karim reviews the book for ShotsMag:
Every so often a book comes along and just sweeps you away; which is exactly what Richards’ homage to private eye fiction of the 1930’s did for me …. I have a prediction: Pangborn will become a major character in the genre, because her life ... makes me thirst for more. At times the book is heartbreaking, at times it’s fast and furious and at times perceptive about how people lie and deceive -- but at all times it showcases brilliant storytelling. I loved it completely as it is an excellent tale of a bygone age told by an unusual talent featuring an amazing character.
The complete review is here.

And an interview that I did with Mike Gillespie of CanWest News Service a few weeks ago is showing up all over Canada so I’m super glad I liked the piece. (Even though in the single print edition I’ve seen it in so far, my head is distressingly large: pretty much life size in broadsheet.)

Thus far, I’ve seen it in The Victoria Times Colonist, The Windsor Star, The Edmonton Journal, The Saskatoon StarPhoenix and here it is in today’s Ottawa Citizen.

Here is a different interview I did with Carolyn Cooke of Surrey Now. (I haven’t seen it in print myself, so I don’t know if I had a giant head in that one. I think The Now is a tabloid though, so my head should be proportionately smaller.)

Thanks very much to those readers who have taken the time to zap me a note when they notice a mention in their local paper. I’m having an awful lot of fun collecting this stuff, as you can imagine. Fortunately David continues to do his bit by making sure my head doesn’t get too large to allow me to move easily through doorways.


Clea Simon said…
Well, I'd at least give Akashic the benefit of the doubt. I mean, slam it when it's out but read it first, right? (And no, I'm not even Canadian). Yay on the other stuff - hey you deserve to have a swollen head!
As long as, like I said, David's around to help me get through doors!

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