Quote of the Week: Kevin Burton Smith

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, ‘transcend.’”

Here is the context in which it was said. And here is Kevin’s home on the Web. He is, of course, the primary perpertator behind The Thrilling Detective Web site, which is here.


But I love the line, Clea: that's what this post is about. C'mon: you've gotta love the line, too. We hear so bloody much about transcendance all the time it just seemed... I dunno... to hit something.

And I will read it, but I don't hafta read it to know they didn't invite enough fun people to play.
Well, since the editors are from Toronto, maybe they just DON'T know that many fun people.

By the way, what did Cleo say (besides "oops") and why was it deleted?

I'm guessing something about how maybe it's unfair of me to judge a book before I've read it, but I'm not really judging the book's contents. I'm just pondering how a whole book of "Toronto noir" could have so few writers I (or anybody else) has heard of.

And believe me, I'm not exactly a stranger to Canadian or Toronto crime fiction, eh?
Naw: never deleted. Clea just put it on a different message. That was the "oops." You can still see it in the comments for the previous message: "More swelling."

And, actually, "fun" in this context was tongue-in-cheek, more or less. I was agreeing with you, in a sense: most of the players in this instance seemed inexplicable to me, as well. And I'm quite sure they didn't cast a wide enough net in the first place.

And I *still* love the line.
John McFetridge said…
It's a great quote. Even though the, "Sniffing glue made me write thrillers instead of literature," got cleared up, it shows what a raw nerve it is.

And I'm willing to cut the editors and the publisher some slack, but after I sent them each half a dozen emails and got absolutely nothing in response I'm a little reluctant...
That's what I'm talkin' about, John. That is what I'm talkin' about! I mean... seriously? Yours was the first name I was looking for.
Clea Simon said…
It is a great line, Linda (and Kevin - even if you call me "Cleo"). I was just having the kneejerk fairness reaction. Because, yeah, even though I think the Giants earned it, and Eli Manning is adorable, I still watched and suffered and am still sore from Sunday.
Clea in Cambridge. The one in Massachusetts.

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