Calling Calgary

Thanks so much to those of you who write to let me know when they’ve seen a review of Death Was the Other Woman in a magazine or their local newspaper. I think it’s possible I’d hear about them eventually, but it’s been really fun learning about them so close to the time they come out.

The very latest comes from last Sunday’s Calgary Herald. (Thank you to Kirsten, Jennifer and Karrie for sending me e-mail and letting me know!) In her crime fiction column, Joanne Sasvari called Death Was the Other Woman a “brilliant series debut.”
Throughout this stellar novel, Richards perfectly evokes the moody lawlessness of Depression-era Los Angeles and the crisp prose of classic noir fiction.
Wow. I blush. (“Stellar,” “moody,” “crisp” and “classic” all in one sentence. I feel like I won a trifecta. With four. Oh, and “brilliant” in a different sentence. Honestly? I don’t have words.)

The full review is here.


Clea Simon said…
woot! woot! woot!
(sounds of glee)


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