Shots ‘n Me

I feel really special today to have been given the Shots Magazine interview treatment. Ali Karim put a whole bunch of great questions to me, but not before he did some talking about Death Was the Other Woman:
The writing is well researched, captivating, hard-boiled but with a compassionate eye that makes it impossible to escape the flow of the narrative. At times the book is heartbreaking, at times it’s fast and furious and at times perceptive about how people lie and deceive -- but at all times it showcases brilliant storytelling.

Wow! More blushing. The interview link is here. Shots Magazine is here.


Clea Simon said…
Very cool - hadn't known about Shots.
Daniel Hatadi said…
Hey, hey, keep on blushing. Congrats on all the good news!

What is this 'Shots' magazine I keep hearing of?

(just kidding)

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