Blogging in A World Gone Mad

Just to let you know: I have not dropped off the face of the Earth. I’m still here, just not right here, if you follow what I mean. With one thing and another -- a book I’ve been working madly on, some promo travel for Death Was the Other Woman, the demands of January -- I just haven’t had enough juice leftover for my personal blog.

On a certain level, it didn’t seem to matter much. I mean, why bother blogging in a world gone mad? If you’re not sure what I’m talking about, you don’t live in my neighborhood. (And since hardly anyone lives in my “neighborhood,” it’s a fairly good bet that you do not.) By way of explanation, I present Exhibit “A”. This is what the view from my studio window looked like last Friday:

So, just so we’re on the same page here: we’re talking about the view from my window on March 28th. A day when, most years, the doors are thrown open, the scent of spring flowers linger through the air and summer is a promise right around the corner. At most it’s raining.

For contrast, exhibit “B”: the same view yesterday, April 2nd:

So, OK Waldo: see anything different?

As I write this, I’m at my desk. The specially designed heater that warms my winter world is on, a blanket is wrapped around my lower parts and there’s a steaming cup of rooibus at my elbow. I still feel cold. It’s not snowing now, but the memory of snow less than a week ago fuels my nightmares and my goosebumps.

OK: I’ll stop the whinefest now. And I’ll get back to some of the work I have lined up. But I wanted to touch bases and let you know, I’m still alive. Just cold and busy filling my studio with whines.


The view is so stunning either way, I wouldn't mind too much. Our know is finally melting and I bet yours is today too.
Clea Simon said…
Despite temps dropping into the 20s, our daffodils are coming up so spring has arrived here in New England, too. Welcome back, Linda. And I agree: frequent blogging is a vital and necessary means of avoiding all other writing. Get your priorities straight, girl!

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