Pillowman Review

I’ve noticed that Google is sending a lot of people to this blog right now looking for reviews of the Vancouver production of Martin McDonagh’s The Pillowman, which runs at the Firehall Arts Centre until April 20th. The Vancouver Courier offers one up today:
Adam Henderson directs this bizarre, darkly comic piece which is both brutal and provocative. The cutaways to Matthew Harrison, isolated in a pool of light, telling stories is hypnotic. Add Chris Woods’ pop-art animations running behind Harrison and there's no escape. In the act of telling, on Katurian’s part, and the act of listening on ours, there's a kind of undeniable, symbiotic relationship between teller and listener and McDonagh is onto it.
You’ll find The Courier’s full review here. Tickets can be ordered from The Firehall box office here.


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