Point of Annoyance Number One

Point of annoyance of the day*: the word “e-mail” never takes a plural. Never, never, ever. If you’re tempted to add that offensive extra “s,” think about this: how often do you stroll down to the post office to get your mails? Or, after the mail is delivered, when do you sit down to read the mails? You don’t, right? You just do not.

Let’s move on.

* This is actually the first Point of Annoyance to appear on this blog. This posting makes it sound as though there are more. Thus far, there are not. But I had to start somewhere. More will follow.


Sandra Ruttan said…
LOL. Guilty of that one. Reminds me of the Crimespace grammar discussion and irregardless...
Anonymous said…
I'm not so sure you're right. Simply because "email" has the letters M A I L in the word doesn't mean it's identical to the US "Mail." For example, the normal use of the word is something like this: "I got an email from XYZ today." Notice the qualifier, "AN," which isn't used in U.S. Mail.

Assume the person gets a second email. Now s/he says, "I got a second email from XYZ an hour later."

So, what's the total? "I got two emails from XYZ in the same day."
Sandra, I missed that Crimespace thread. Too bad! I love that stuff. (Obivously.) But *irregardless* of that...

And Anonymous, look, here's what I'm saying: the M-A-I-L embedded inside *does* instruct us regarding usage. Unlike you, I *do not* say "I got an e-mail today." Because I also do not "get a mail." I get my e-mail. I might get an e-mail. (Though they usually do seem to come in clumps!) And I "got two pieces of e-mail from XYZ in the same day." No e-mails. In any usage. Ever. (Sez me.)

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