Point of Annoyance Number Two

Don’t talk to me about a fiction novel. Not bloody ever. Those words just don’t ever need to be in a sentence together. If it’s a book-length work of fiction, it’s a novel and vice versa. You’ve got a novel? Well then, it’s fiction. You’ve got a work of non-fiction? In that case, it’s not a novel. End of story and case closed.

Now, if you want to discuss this, we can. But if your view differs from this, you’re wrong. And don’t blame me: I don’t make this stuff up. These are the laws as handed down to us from antiquity. And they is what they is.

What’s next?


Sandra Ruttan said…
I know the authors have precious little to do with it, and usually no input, but when I see novels with the words "A Novel" on the front, I roll my eyes.

Like, duh... Although I'll make a concession for Val McDermid's The Torment of Others, which I kept finding in true crime in Chapters/Indigo.
Yeah: there are times when those words are helpful. Like when you pick up a book and it isn't immediately apparent what you're looking at. Other times, though, you're right. When it's so screamingly obvious and you go, "Ah, good. Glad you told me it was a novel. Otherwise, I would have thought it was a puppy."
Clea Simon said…
People are stupid and uneducated. I recently got a letter from an agent asking me to revise a ms. I'd sent. Well, I probably should, but how can I follow her advice when she writes, "You've created a protagonist that has the potential ..."

OK, I'm in a grumpy mood, too.
Anonymous said…
I'm not in a grumpy mood at all, but I would be if I had a friend who hadn't been in touch for years and then popped up unannounced on my blog to say "hi"... but I have just told a friend to read your books so forgive me please!


Hey anonymous C: if you're going to leave a partially cryptic note like that, you should at least have the decency to leave a pond hint, as well. As in: which side of the pond are you popping in from? I'm thinking the UK, am I right? Zat you Broadway? ('Course, if I'm not, I'll have egg. On my face. Ah well. Would not be the first time.)

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