Vegetarians Take Cover...

... because today is National Prime Rib Day. For some reason, that makes me think it could just as easily be It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time Day. Though why I should equate prime rib and ethanol is a little beyond even me.

I now return you to your regularly scheduled exodus.


Carrie Wheeler said…
Well, you could easily equate prime rib and ethanol because the "ethanol" article goes on about whose dumb idea was it to burn our food, increasing grain and corn prices, etc., when, in truth, there is 100% more of a waste to feed 4 times as much of our food to an animal only to use it as food. Why don't we just eat the first food in the first place? You want to lower the cost of grain and corn and "feed the world"? Stop eating meat, or, at least, stop eating 'as much' meat.

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