Star Trek Anyone?

I’m not commenting on this either way -- I simply haven’t the expertise. But, when I read this press release, the first thing I thought about was the United Federation of Planets.

A Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations could initially be composed of national parliamentarians. Step by step, it should be provided with genuine rights of information, participation and control vis-à-vis the UN and the organizations of the UN system. In a later stage, the assembly could be directly elected.

I never really thought that idea sucked, either. You can read the press release from the Appeal for the establishment of a Parliamentary Assembly at the United Nations for yourself here. (And, tip one? They need a catchier name.)


Kelli Stanley said…
I live in San Francisco, and personally, I think the UFP is using a Romulan cloaking device to hide their HQ inside Ft. Point, a Civil War era fort and National Park site (!) located under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge ...
They claim to be "renovating" the fort, but one of these days I'll get a peak under the scaffolding ... ;)

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