Image Theft Part Deux (Or is it Trois?)

Here we are again. The article is about Madonna. As illustration, this outfit had used an image of a book cover they found in this piece. And, check it: it was OK for them to use the image in this instance. What wasn’t OK was that they left it on our servers and the upshot of that is, we end up paying for the service of some of their content. Which is not cool. Ever.

So here, once again, is what I did: since they left me with control, I grabbed the cover of my most recent book (ie: the one I am promoting right now) and gave it the image the same name as the stolen one. Then I re-uploaded it to the January Magazine server and – voila! – Death Was the Other Woman is being looked at by new eyes: even if the eyes are wondering just why they’re being shown this image right now.

The moral of the story is this: don’t steal images off the Web and -- certainly -- don’t bloody leave them on other servers where you might loose all control of what is exhibited on your own site or blog.

Here’s another example of me having geekish, petty fun under similar circumstances on another day. (And this time is trois. I went and checked. Here’s deux.)


Clea Simon said…
Good for you! This is not geekish, petty fun, this is a combination of getting some value for what you are being billed for (albeit unwillingly) and teaching those scofflaws a lesson. And if you sell a few books, hey, that's all the better. Besides, it's a really cool cover and they should be grateful!

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