SFU Summer Publishing Workshop: It’s A Crime

Hey: Canada’s Chatelaine magazine has my name inside it right now. And I heard that, on the weekend, The National Post did again, too. This is from Chatelaine:
Crime writing aficionados and literary fiction connoisseurs alike will be stimulated and engaged in this year's Symposium on the Book as 10 of Canada's top experts on all aspects of crime writing and publishing delve deep not only into the techniques and mechanics of writing crime, but into the role and place of ‘genre’ writing in Canada.

Six of Canada's top crime writers join a crime fiction book reviewer, an editor of crime writing, and a mystery bookstore owner to discuss the subgenres of crime writing - thrillers, mysteries, cozies, detectives and true crime - and will also engage the audience with an in-depth look at the position of crime writing in Canada.

Writers: William Deverell, Anne Emery, Dan Kalla, Linda L Richards, Michael Slade, Anita Daher.
And Chatelaine doesn’t say so, but I’ll add here, that the symposium will be moderated by author Mary Jane Maffini. Special panelists are editor Dinah Forbes, journalist/reviewer Margaret Cannon and bookseller Walter Sinclair.

The Simon Fraser University 2008 Symposium on the Book takes place on July 12th. I’m stoked and am pleased and proud to be taking part. You can read more about the symposium here.

More stokeocity: I’ll be taking part in the Vancouver International Writers Festival, October 21 through the 26th. The schedule is not posted yet, but I’ll let you know when it is.


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