I’ve Been Lucky. I’ll Be Lucky Again.

That quote, from Bette Davis, is one of my favorites. I get to take it out and dust it off again as I show off the cover for my upcoming book. Death Was in the Picture will be published by St. Martin’s Minotaur/Thomas Dunne Books on January 20th. And, as you can see, like Davis, I’ll be lucky again: my publisher has gone the distance and created beautiful, original art for the book.

I’m excited about Death Was in the Picture for so many reasons. It’s the second Kitty Pangborn book -- after Death Was the Other Woman, published earlier this year. This new book is a little darker, I think. A little more shadowy and nuanced. And it deals with some important issues, including censorship and the Hollywood Production Code that -- arguably -- forever altered the tone and texture of made-in-America film.

And then there’s that gorgeous cover. I look forward to sharing it with you. More on all of it closer to the publication date.


Gorgeous cover. Congrats.
Thanks, Patty! I'm so chuffed about SMP: they've done a *great* job on my covers!
Clea Simon said…
Oh very cool (in every sense). Not only is this eye catching, but I think it captures the voice of these books. Congratulations - this will be another great success.

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